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Estate of the Knight's Cross carrier and Lieutenants Wilhelm August Rowohl with among others large award certificate to the Knight's Cross of the iron Cross at staff sergeant Wills Rowohl, dated \"leader headquarter, the 12. July 1942\", with original ink signature the Leader and Chancellor of the Reich Adolf Hitler, the Knight's Crossmappe from red leather with Gold stamped highness eagle, interior cover with parchment mirrors and hand-gold plated line edging, at the on the back lower margin with signature \"Frida Thiersch\", the document on large vellum double sheet handwritten, the name of the mortgaged \"Wills Rowohl\" in raised Gold salaries, award folder with slight age and storage traces, condition 2, in addition to it preliminary possession testimony to the Knight's Cross of the iron Cross, dated 17. July 1942 and write to the Remittance the original document dated 3. April 1944, the Knight's Cross got he during the period as troop commanders the 2. Company 1. Battalion protect regiment 115 the 15. Tank division the part of the Africa corps war, later war the carrier of the Knight's Cross also member the division \"Brandenburg\", before in the March 1945 at age 33 years in Hungaria fell, is existing is also the original conferring case for the Knight's Cross of the iron Cross collared, further support photo, award certificate service award IV. Class dated Mannheim the 4. April 1938, award certificate German barricade badge of honour, dated 20. March 1940, award certificate Iron Cross 2. Class, dated 19. June 1940, possession testimony Purple Heart in black, dated 10.11.1942, award certificate Iron Cross 1. Class, dated 25. August 1942, possession testimony Panzer Badge bronze, dated Africa the 1. Oct 1942, possession testimony cuff title \"Africa\", dated 1. December 1943, Photo album, lots photos, lecture transcripts, Album, journeyman's certificate, performance booklet German Turn and sport badge for men, documents different athletic contests, newspaper article, army postal service, various writ