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Prussia, Wilhelm I., bronze general's medal (317, 80 g, 84, 10 mm), 1871, from E. Warrior and F. W. Kullrich to draft from Th. Large, on the victory over France. Aversum: bust Wilhelms I. To the right, in circumscription name legend person concerned German Generals and military, beneath Chancellor of the Reich Otto from Bismarck, General Field Marshal Helmuth from Moltke as well the wartime and First Lord of the Admiralty count Albrecht from Roon. Reverse: : Germania on pedestal sitting, in of the right hand a sword, the left on a shield with Imperial Eagle reinforced, left the slightly demurred standing victory goddess, in both hands wreaths, the right but over Germania holding, right the half screwed standing peace goddess with oak branche in of the right and cornucopia in of the left hand; in Exergue the Kriegsjahreszahlen 1870 - 1871, separated from iron cross, beside in each case the medaillegraveur signaturen. Huesken 7.277.3, summer K70 and W17, aversum few small green patina stains, on each side, but especially reverse, beginning attractive rainbow patina to the relief borders, in contemporary dark brown leather case with stamped year dates and dark blue velvet insert, extremly fine to uncirculated. The general's medal became to 25 copies in gold manufactured - a for the Emperor, the remaining for which war the medal named persons - besides to 100 copies in silver, to 134 copies in bronze as well three times in gold-plated bronze. The medal lies an older copy of a referenziellen Write from 21. February 1874 by.