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Noble 1413-1422, Heinrich V, 1413-1422, London aversum: standing and armoured King with escutcheon and sword on ship, besides the sword arm a lily. At the bulwark leopards and lilies. In transcription: h - En RIC DI GRA REX at GL S FRAn C - Dn S IBE. (Henricus Dei Gratia Rex Anglie et Francie Dominus Hibernie = "Heinrich, from God Graces King from England, France and Mr. The Iren") reverse: lily cross in the fleuron decorated octagonal pass, in the centre with "h", in the angles always a three-point, a leopard and a crown. In transcription, beginning with a cross pattêe (with tricuspid arm endings) as coin sign: Ih C AVT train-oil SIEn S PER m EDIVm ILLORVm IBAT (Jesus Christ autem transiens per psychic illorum ibat = "Jesus Christ but war going middle through they throughout and wrenched further"). A little billowy, 6, 68 large, 35 mm. To an unsuccessful preceding mutilation an English florin to to base, unraveled Edward III. (1312, 1327-1377), King from England, in the train of the centennial war against France (1337-1453) in the year 1344 the embossment one new gold coin at, the competing to the French Lion d'or Philips VI. (1293, 1328-1350), King from France, stand should. These, noble' named coin (French noble d'or) war over the following ones years in weight and fineness slightly decreased and in the year 1351 stabilized. Pointed out they the English monarchs first as well as King from France from, fell these title appropriate as a result of of the peace from Brétigny from 1360 ephemeral on the ground that contract clauses. There be both Kingdoms however not to the agreed articles held, fallow the war 1369 again from and the double titulature reversed on the noble return. Already in the year 1363 war to the embossment from Gold like silver coins an english mint in Calais arranged become; from 1377 coined you the noble also in London. And after Edward III. The Florentine moneyer Bardelet de Malepilis to Calais ordered had, phrased he at the 20. May 1371 detailed Prägebestimmungen:, three types gold coins, the first the piece to 6 Shilling 8 Pfennigen Sterlinge, the Goldnobel to be called should, and it should 45 pieces on the pound of the Tower weight from London [344, 184 g] go. Another gold coin should the half the mentioned above sway and 40 Sterlinge count. Of it should 90 on the tower pound go. A third gold coin [_] should 20 Sterlinge count and to 180 on the pound go. The named gold coins should 23 carat 3 ½ Grän fine be and each pound of it 15